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Image Masking

Image masking is the features of photo editing where can make the portion of the image diverse from the rest of the snap. It is usually used to eliminate the background from a complicated part of image. It is need when general clipping path can’t clear the background from images. It happened when the hair, fuzz, flames, smoke, feathers or fur present in the image. We have an expertise for all type of masking like channel masking, alpha masking, layer masking who will help that your image show up good looking and natural.

Our Services At A Glance

  • Clipping Path
  • Image Masking Service
  • Ghost Mannequin Effects
  • Shadow Making Service
  • Color Correction

  • Photo Restoration
  • Fashion Photo Editing
  • Real Estate Photo Editing
  • High End Retouching
  • Portrait Retouching
  • Stock Photo Retouching

  • Vector Logo Design
  • Raster to Vector Conversion
  • Ecommerce Photo Editing
  • Wedding Photo Retouching
  • Jewelry Image Editing