Image Cutout Artist


It is really easy to pay us for the completed works as Image Cutout Artist (ICA)is providing you a distinctive options. Either there is no need to set up an account or any type of advance payment to get hold of the services from ICA. You will get an invoice with details payment procedure from our billing department shortly while a batch of work is completed. You have the options to pay us by Paypal or credit card, wire transfer and Cheque.

All the necessary actions are described clearly in the invoice that will be sent to you after delivering the completed batch of work. So you can apply what is easy to you for making the payment.

What We Accept: Paypal , Stripe , Wise , Bank Transfer

When we send an invoice: You may have a question about that when or how often we send an invoice to you. We have already given an idea about that we usually send the invoice while a project of you is completed. But for our regular customers we send the invoice weekly basis. Here we mean that if you send us your projects regular basis one after another then you will receive the invoice from our accounts department once a time a week. We have kept the opportunity to pay us your outstanding bill monthly basis. But here you have to prove yourself as an honest.  Although, we trust to every single customer from different countries and we usually give the opportunity of paying their bill.

Here we should inform you that you may receive several emails as reminder if you don’t pay your bill on timely manner. Our extreme request to pay the bill for each project before the ending date of a month, your project has been delivered in.

We always give the special priority to the customers who are honest in payment. Even you will also deserve some facilities from us like as: special discount, secured quality work, early delivery and so on.

How to know that we have received your payment: After receiving your payment you will be informed immediately through email to make you free from your anxiety about.



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