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Privacy Policy

Using of any unapproved items of this website repeatedly privileges for harms or unlawful crimes. There can be shown other website link that doesn’t mean we are liable for any data or facts. Those or that links only for additional information. You will be liable for any shared link or content.

We do collect only that information which is need to realize to provide you superior services and generally can be need some relevant information like your company name company address, company phone number, company e-mail or fax and communicated person phone and e-mail so that we can communicate with you properly when we need.

We accept a free trial for two images for any new client. The image should be send company website with the email address of an authorized company domain name. You can send your free trial by using our free trial form in the website or directly send via mail to hello@imagecutoutartist.com . Note that you should mention the subject “Free Trial or Test Work with detailed instruction.

If you need any old or done image file then you should inform us within two months as the backup file automatically deleted by our server after two months.

Generally we use test image to our website as a sample without permission of the owner but if you don’t like this then just send us mail we will stop this. And we don’t use or share any photo without your permission.

We do avoid taking pictures for nude or pornography that is against our company policy.